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"Silently Hoping" Music Video Part of PeaceBeats Worldwide Webcast Celebrating United Nations International Day of Peace

On September 21 the world celebrates the International Day of Peace. At the stroke of midnight on September 20, in Auckland, New Zealand - the first moment of the United Nations International Day of Peace - people around the world will begin to enjoy a 48 hour worldwide webcast of music, video, film, poetry, dance, visual arts and individual expressions, all celebrating people's appreciation and desire for peace.

The PeaceBeats Worldwide Webcast 2013 includes entries submitted from all over the world. The webcast continues to the last stroke of Peace Day at midnight on September 22 in Honolulu, Hawaii. The schedule begins and ends at the International Dateline making the webcast available wherever in the world it is Peace Day.

Music For Mankind is proud to annound the inclusion of Kelly Moore's music video "Silently Hoping" as part of this prestigious event. "Silently Hoping" is the title track of Mr. Moore's third CD. The song was inspired by his trip as US Delegate with World Food Program USA to Nicaragua in 2008.

Co-produced by PeaceBeats of the UK and Florida Peace Initiative, the webcast, hosted by international film and television personality Michael Nouri, will feature a very special interview with Peace Ambassador Prem Rawat by Peace One Day founder Jeremy Gilley.

"We are THRILLED to have Kelly Moore and Music For Mankind's music video "Silently Hoping" as part of our line-up for our PeaceBeats Worldwide Webcast!", said Rick Spears of Florida Peace Initiative. "These are beautiful and inspiring submissions we are so happy to receive and share with the world."

"I simply cannot overstate how honored I am to be a part of this incredible event", Mr. Moore said. "I am always grateful and at the same time amazed at the opportunities that come my way to help, and this webcast is part of an effort that helps in the most profound way".

"While this is not a Music For Mankind event," he added, "I am very excited to take part in such an important and far-reaching effort."

The Schedule and Trailer

PeaceBeats will be announcing the programming schedule soon, and have released a trailer about the webcast, which can be seen here.

PeaceBeats is a London-based group of event organizers and music lovers who promote a message of peace through music, spoken word and film; providing young performers a platform for their creativity and desire to be involved in positive expression for change.

The Florida Peace Initiative is a voluntary association of professionals, colleagues and friends working together to build awareness of the necessity of peace, especially among youth and students.

The PeaceBeats Worldwide Webcast 2013 is an international collaboration of the two groups promoting a culture of peace.



The Florida Peace Initiative:


For more information call 802-362-3806 or email

Music For Mankind, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, public charity, non profit organization under the United States Internal Revenue Code, and is dedicated to aiding, by way of financial contributions, humanitarian relief in major disasters worldwide, as well as local humanitarian initiatives. Your tax deductible contributions are sent directly to selected humanitarian organizations.

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Kelly Moore feeding child in Nicaragua

Mom and daughter on farm in Nicaragua

Kelly Moore with WFP truck in Nicaragua

Kelly Moore and Peruvian farmer


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